Fraserburgh Harbour Commissioners

It is always a pleasure to work with the team at Ports of Scotland. They help us to showcase what Fraserburgh has to offer by working closely with us to develop our entry. We know we can rely on them for knowledgeable and experienced guidance throughout the process. Known throughout the maritime industries as a directory which incorporates factual information in an accessible way with those all-important contact details and some beautiful imagery, we are always pleased to participate and share the publication with customers and stakeholders.

Pamela Neri

Commercial Manager, Fraserburgh Harbour

Collett & Sons Ltd.


We as a company find the ‘Ports of Scotland’ yearbook a very useful tool in our day to day business.  We often receive enquiries from clients asking about either the nearest port to a certain destination or what the restrictions are at a given port. Having the ‘yearbook’ close to hand allows us to answer these with confidence, in a short period of time.  This is helped by the well laid out format, informative maps and pictures all adding to its ease of use.

Shaun Casey
Marine Division Manager, Collett & Sons Ltd


Leask Marine

Congratulations on once again producing this high quality publication, the “Ports of Scotland Yearbook” that is highly pertinent to all vessel owners, and supply chain companies servicing the Scottish Marine Sector. ….this publication is a must have for all management, supervisory teams, and vessel masters as the up to date extensive information allows us to easily conduct business around Scotland with detailed information on Scottish Ports facilities.  We find this publication extremely relevant and fantastically-helpful and it is an invaluable tool”.

John F Macleod,
Commercial Manager, Leask Marine


Orkney Islands Council Marine Services

Orkney Islands Council Marine Services

The Orkney Harbour Authority regards the Ports of Scotland Yearbook as the first point of call as a publication for concise and intelligent information on its neighbouring and competitive ports.  The publication is regarded as the ‘must have’ for Scottish ports and the concise method in which information is displayed and presented makes the handbook both an interesting and informative reference point for all of the Ports of Scotland.

Paul Olvhoj,
Business Development Manager, Orkney Islands Council Marine Services


A Adamson & Co

A Adamson & Co

“We find Ports of Scotland to be an invaluable reference tool, which contains information and contact details for harbour authorities and local contractors, in many cases including out of hours numbers which can sometimes prove difficult to find when needed most. The booklet is presented in a clear and easily understood format, which makes finding the required information quick and rewarding.”

Jordan Gillen,
Partner, A Adamson & Co